Plant of the Month – August 2014


(Xanthorrhoea semiplana ssp tateana)


   (Photos: old plant, forest of plants; E mac dropbox 다운로드. Cousins, Cape Jervis)

There are many beautiful yacca specimens on the peninsula… take a walk through Newland Head Conservation Park to see forests of them 곰오디오 최신버전 다운로드! Their trunks are made of accumulated leaf bases, not wood, so they are more of a grass than a tree, hence the common name. The yaccas around Cape Jervis have trunks up to 4 metres tall, and flower spikes up to another 2.5 metres on top Download windows 7 pe. Phenomenally slow growth rates mean it takes a long time for a trunk to get to this size though.  Aboriginal peoples used this plant for tools, drinks and navigation: the flowering spike made spears for fishing; the nectar from the flowers for a sweet drink; the side the flowers opened on first to indicate north (sunnier side) 스마트폰 동물의숲. The resin was used for glue/adhesives; in fact, the botanical name Xanthorrhoea is from the Greek xanthos, meaning yellow, and rheo, meaning to flow; referring to the resin Free download for Windows 10.

Weed of the Month – August 2014


(Gomphocarpus cancellatus)

(Photos: plant, monarch butterfly and caterpillar; flower bud; E w Launcher. Cousins; Cape Jervis)

This woody weed from South Africa grows to about 1 metre high, and competes with natives for space, nutrients and water. It has escaped cultivation as an ornamental, and has invaded many reserves and national parks 미국에서 한국 드라마. The plant seed is spread by wind and water; its sap can be an irritating or toxic to some people, so use gloves when dealing with infestations. Hand pull small plants; use cut-and-swab or drill-and-fill techniques to poison large ones Download the hymn PowerPoint. If infestations are kept under control, the cotton bush does bring one benefit. Over the winter, you’ll notice the plant has many white-purple flowers…and often plenty of caterpillars, devouring the soft leaves and stems Download Win7 Minesweeper. These are the larvae of the Monarch butterfly, which have been plentiful around Cape Jervis this year. The Monarch is not truly an Australian native (though a resident for hundreds of years!), but apparently the larvae of the Lesser Monarch, which IS an Australian native butterfly, also uses this bush as a food source Download Minecraft Hamachi2!

Carolyn’s update – Birdcages and direct seeding!

You may have noticed two wire cages near the ferry terminal or the four cages opposite the old Christie homestead on Sorata St 3ds max 2013. This is our first attempt at direct seeding, with the cages protecting the seedlings from rabbits. Direct sowing of seed will have two benefits: 1.  We can revegetate more of the site with less effort and 2 dslang.dll 다운로드. we can grow more species including the pretty daisies and hard to germinate plants. We are following a method from Greening Australia (downloaded from Download LogicProx. It includes a pre-germination step where seed are placed in a bag with a little water, air and perlite (right photo). We trialled two mixes, a “sure-set” mix of local Acacias and hardy shrubs and a “smalls” mix of grasses and daisies, including the yam daisy and paper daisies 행운을 돌려줘. The Acacias are already up and growing but it’s much harder to tell the others apart from the weeds. We will keep you posted. Mustn’t forget to thank Waite Conservation Reserve for donating the cages 비주얼스튜디오 2010 다운로드.