Plant of the Month – November 2018


(Senecio odoratus)

(Photos: E Download the video.Cousins; stems; flower head; leaves)

Senecios come in many forms, and this month we are featuring both a goody and a baddy green and purple 다운로드. Both have clusters of yellow flowers over summer. However, those of the scented groundsel (our goody) don’t have a disc of long petals; the flowers tend to form tubes with a ‘fluff’ of short (4-6mm) petals on top Infinite Challenge Navs or. Also, the leaf shape and colour is very different in our two Senecios. The dull grey-green leaves of the native scented groundsel, Senecio odoratus, are oval-shaped, with a very distinctive vein down the centre 2016년 연하장 다운로드. They are quite firm. The edges have fine teeth at the edge (whereas the South African daisy, Senecio pterophorus has larger indentations on the edges) Automatic download of iOS updates. The top of the leaf is fairly hairless, but the back looks like it is covered with fine cobwebs. Where the leaf clasps the stem, the leaf curls in on itself a bit 응답하라 1988 ost.

The scented groundsel makes a good host plant for the endangered native parasitic plant Orobanche cernua var gta 산안드레스 pc 다운로드. australiana (see plant of the month, Jan 2017).

Weed of the Month – November 2018


(Senecio pterophorus)

(Photos: E 시빌워 한글자막.Cousins; weed habit; a stem; close-up of wings; leaf comparison)

This is another weedy Senecio 풋볼매니저 2019. It is tall (up to 1.5m high), with multiple stiff stems. These can become quite woody. Yellow daisy-like flowers appear in summer in groups at the top of the stems.  It is really easy to identify this Senecio because where the leaves join the stem, they keep going down that stem to form wings (see  3rd photo above).  So when you run your hand down the stem you can feel these as flappy bits 눈물을 마시는새 다운로드.

The leaves themselves are lance-shaped, and toothed. They are darker on top, pale underneath 연예할래 mp3. The 4th photo compares the leaves of the weed (on the right) with the leaves of Senecio odoratus (left) (see Plant of the Month) Download the latest windows support software from apple.