Plant of the Month-May 2018


(Melaleuca lanceolata)

(Photos: C Download the embedded video. Schultz. Leaves and insect-attracting flowers)

Recently we featured Totem Poles, Melaleuca decussata winclone. The Dryland Tea-tree is another of the pretty melaleucas at the Cape. Both have a similar growth habit: lovely compact shrubs with elongated leaves about 1cm long Heavylane. The clusters of flowers differ though in colour and shape, with the Dryland Tea-tree having white flowers, not forming the tight purple cylinder of the totem pole 파라노말 액티비티. Also their leaves are placed alternately, rather than opposite each other, along the rough-barked stems. And the fruit are smooth and spherical, (not like the little cups built into the stems of the totem pole!) Plant one of each maybe…the totem poles flower spring-summer, the dryland tea-tree in summer-autumn download the psd file. The dryland tea-tree is a really important habitat shrub as it provides nectar when not much else is flowering. Check out all the insects on the flowers Download the PowerPoint form!