Plant of the Month – Feb 2019


(Goodenia amplexans) (Photos: Flower, E.Cousins; Cape Jervis; whole plant,

February is probably not the best time to be checking this small shrub out on our site at Cape Jervis .net framework 3.5 sp1. It will already be showing the effects of the hot, dry summer, but it is a survivor, and flowers for a lot of the year. The plant only grows to about 1m high, with lots of stems growing from the base gdal. These tend to get a bit straggly over summer, and the leaves can brown off a bit. However, it will already have put on a great display of yellow flowers on those stems 디스크 지니어스. Like most goodenias, the flowers have 5 petals, grouped as a pair and a trio, with each petal having a wavy edge. The leaves are somewhat sticky, and they smell 아가능불회애니. One of our friends actually terms it the stinky goodenia! However, it is the way the base of the leaf wraps around the stems that gives this plant its common name of clasping goodenia 돈 존. Note how the leaves are long in relation to their width, and the edges are saw-toothed. Once you know which plant it is, you can recognise it very quickly, even at a distance BearMix Pro.