Weed of the month: March 2013

African Boxthorn

Lycium ferocissimum

(Boxthorn tree on anthill at Cape Jervis; close-up of berry, leaf and thorn Ring pit. Photos E. Cousins)

This is a ‘weed of national significance’… meaning it is not just a problem in Cape Jervis, but across the country 태백산맥! Reason: it is persistence personified! A stiff shrub growing over head high, it has many branches, with leaves and sharp spikes clustered along the stems Montessori. The red berries of the boxthorn are eaten by birds and foxes; viable seeds are then excreted, and often left in the same area, leading to yet more bushes Download The Reversal Check2. The shrub’s spikes, growth habit, and efficient spreading of seed, mean boxthorn can grow into an impenetrable thicket, providing a haven for feral animals such as foxes and rabbits, while crowding out native plants Spokane Sans.

Boxthorn belongs to the Solanacae family, as do tomatoes and tobacco 영어 회화 mp3.

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