Weed of the Month – July 2015


(Langunaria patersonia)

(Photos: E 이달의점원. Cousins, Cape Jervis; tree, seed pod, leaf)

This is a weed in the Marino Conservation Park, and in other coastal cliff top regions 움직이는 배경 화면 무료. Although not common at Cape Jervis, it does occur. Look out for trees 12-20m tall, with dense, glossy grey-green foliage. In spring and summer, 5cm hibiscus-shaped pink flowers appear at the leaf axils (that is, in the angle between the upper surface of the leaf and the stem) oracle 11g r2 다운로드. Fuzzy capsules follow the flowers; these contain orange seeds and fine, white hairs that irritate the skin, leading to another common name: the itchy bomb tree 엑셀 무설치! It likes well-drained soil, sunny positions, and doesn’t object to salt spray, so has been planted in coastal gardens from which seeds then escaped 마인크래프트 럭키블럭 모드 다운로드! Watch out for it on the Fleurieu.