Plant of the Month – February 2016


(Correa reflexa)

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‘Correa’ comes from the name of a Portugese botanist of the 1700s, but maybe ‘variable correa’ would be a good name for this one: very erect, or semi-prostrate; dense or open in habit; leaves narrow or round, hairy or almost smooth, with flat or curled-back edges (hence reflexa) 세븐나이츠 게임! Enough options??? It is still fairly easily identified though, by its pendulous, bell-shaped flowers which have two small leaves sitting along the top of the bells Nova3 apk. The flowers themselves are a bit woolly, with tips that are turned back a little.  You should be able to spot yellow anthers on the 8 stamens sticking out from the red and yellow/green flowers Download inetcpl.cpl. A group of 3-5 of these correas would look good in your coastal garden. They like light sandy soils with good drainage, with sun or shade. Protect them from the wind, and they will reward you with many lovely flowers from May to November 스튜어트 리틀 다운로드.